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Project management

Project Leader(s): 

Postdoctoral fellow: Dr. Nima Safaei, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

Lead faculty member: Dr. Andrew K.S. Jardine, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

Non-academic participants: 

The research is aimed at providing effective long-term resource planning to effective scheduling of the maintenance tasks over a short-term horizon. The Bombardier Company provides the necessary requirements to the customers around the world to do the predefined maintenance tasks as well as unexpected repair jobs for their aircraft fleet. These services are performed as onsite or offsite, i.e., different centres or stations.

Project Leader(s): 

Dr. Matt Davison, University of Western Ontario

Project team: 
Dr. Robert Elliott, University of Calgary
Dr. Marcos Escobar Anel, Ryerson University
Dr. Matheus Grasselli, McMaster University
Dr. Tom Hurd, McMaster University
Dr. Rogemar S. Mamon, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Adam Metzler, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Mark Reesor, University of Western Ontario
Dr. Anatoly Swishchuk, University of Calgary
Dr. Tony Ware, University of Calgary
Dr. Traian Pirvu, MacMaster University
Dr. Ivar Ekeland , University of British Columbia
Dr. Rachel Kuske, University of British Columbia
Funding period: 
February 25, 2022 - March 31, 2021

Traders in both financial markets and commodity markets must make educated decisions about when to trade and at what price; this project develops tools to assist with this decision-making process. Working with energy companies, financial software companies as well as companies from the banking and insurance sectors, the research team develops optimal portfolio methods that produce both the best investment decisions and the best hedging strategies for claims in general markets.