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About Us

Mprime, the only Network of Centres of Excellence (1999-March 31, 2014) for the mathematical sciences, brings together academia, industry and the public sector to develop cutting edge mathematical tools vital to our knowledge-based economy.

To improve Canada's international competitiveness, our research focuses on five key sectors of the economy:

We work with organizations to identify their challenges, find scientists with the expertise necessary to address these challenges and provide significant funding towards research and innovative solutions. However, Mprime generates benefits that reach far beyond these relationships. Out of these collaborations, new technologies emerge that transform the way we live. Career opportunities arise that keep trained personnel in Canada. And lasting partnerships between academic and industrial researchers create avenues for development in both communities. In short, Mprime plants healthy seeds in many areas of Canadian life, contributing in a myriad of ways to its social and economic growth.

Mprime is a national not-for-profit research organization.