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Knowledge Transfer

Mprime’s efforts to maximize sustainability, technology transfer and knowledge exchange has been an ongoing focus of the network. From 2008-2011, Mprime research generated:

  • 44 patents and licenses (completed and pending) – e.g. an insertable cardiac monitor patented and licensed to Medtronic and patents for optimizing energy management and pricing
  • more than 50 software applications and copyrights – e.g. SRE, a customized implementation of the Vehicle Routing Problem with Pickup and Delivery and Time Windows
  • a growing number of spin-off companies - e.g.  GridCentric  -, ExPretio -, Sombra Labs -  

Our projects continue to run seminar series which bring together scientists and industry in a recurring manner. Currently, about 25 seminar series are on-going at any one time, almost all organized jointly by academia and industry.

Moving forward, Mprime will create targeted initiatives to continue the commercializing of research outcomes and transferring the knowledge of its projects.