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University of Alberta

Project Leader(s): 

Postdoctoral fellow: Dr. Thomas Degris, Computing Sciences, University of Alberta

Lead faculty member: Dr. Richard Sutton, Computing Sciences, University of Alberta

Non-academic participants: 

Design, build, and program a small mobile robot at the University of Alberta that can interact successfully, without supervision, with members of the public visiting the Courage Center at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton. Robotics is playing an increasing role in multiple aspects of rehabilitative medicine, including prosthetics, mobility aids, and patient-adapted physical therapy. The Courage Center is a new facility for demonstrating and showcasing such applications of technology in rehabilitative medicine to the public.

Project Leader(s): 

Dr. Mike Kouritzin , (University of Alberta)

Project team: 
Andrew Heunis, (University of Waterloo)
Bruno Remilard, (HEC Montreal)
Douglas Blount, (Arizona State University)
Pierre Del Moral, (Universite Pal Sabatier)
Jie Xiong, (University of Alberta)
John Bowman, (University of Alberta)
Donald Dawson, (University of Toronto)
Edit Gombay, (University of Alberta)
Jack Macki, (University of Alberta)
Thomas G. Kurtz, (University of Wisconsin at Madison)
Yau Shu Wong, (University of Alberta)
Laurent Miclo, (Universte Paul Sabatier)
Funding period: 
February 25, 2022 - March 31, 2021

This project uses mathematical filtering theory to develop computer tractable real time solutions for incomplete, corrupted information problems. These techniques have proven to be beneficial in defence, communications, media effects, and manufacturing. In 2002-2003, Optovation Inc. was added as a new partner, Lockheed Martin Corp. filed for two new patents and we formed a spin-off company, Random Knowledge Inc. to commercialize our technology in the areas of Network Security, Fraud Detection, and Finance.

Project Leader(s): 

Dr. Paul Myers , University of Alberta

Project team: 
Dr. Frederic Dupont, Université Laval
Dr. Michael Foreman, University of British Columbia
Dr. David Greenberg, Fisheries & Oceans Canada
Dr. Guoqi Han, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dr. Daniel Le Roux, Université Laval
Dr. Julie Pietrzak, University of Calgary
Dr. Francis Poulin, University of Waterloo
Dr. Jennifer Shore, Royal Military College of Canada
Funding period: 
October 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021
Project Leader(s): 

Dr. Jack A. Tuszynski , University of Alberta

Project team: 
Dr. Thoms Hillen, (University of Alberta)
Dr. Gerda de Vries, (University of Alberta)
Dr. Michael Y. Li, (University of Alberta)
Dr. D. Peter Tieleman, (University of Calgary)
Dr. Lukasz Kurgan, (University of Alberta)
Dr. Eric Cytrynbaum, (University of British Columbia)
Dr. Stephane Portet, (University of Manitoba)
Dr. Siv Sivaloganathan, (University of Waterloo)
Dr. Roderick Melnik, (Wilfrid Laurier University)
Funding period: 
July 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021