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Process Modeling Arrivals of Calls and Real-time Control in a Call Center

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This project looks at creating a model to better predict calls arriving at Hydro-Quebec’s call center to reallocate of call center agents according to need.

Project Leader(s): 

Postdoctoral fellow: Dr. Amel Jaoua, Département d'Informatique et de Recherche Opérationnelle Lead faculty member: Dr. Pierre L’Ecuyer, Département d'Informatique et de Recherche Opérationnelle

This project is split into two parts. The first is to model the arrival process to take into account the forms of dependence in the forecast call center of Hydro-Quebec. A second aspect concerns the proposal for a control system for real-time reallocation of agents. For the first part the need for more accurate models of stochastic processes has been made by officials of Hydro-Quebec. We therefore propose a model incorporating both dependence and intraday dependence between call types. It would then provide better predictions of future arrival of calls during the day. These models will be used in the control system to be developed for reallocating intraday agents. This type of real-time control, complex but necessary to cope with daily contingencies is now based on the simple intuition of the managers of call centers.

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