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Project Leader(s): 

Dr. Steven Easterbrook, (University of Toronto)

Project team: 
Dr. Marsha Chechik, (University of Toronto)
Dr. Mehrdad Sabetzabeh, (University of Toronto)
Dr. Shiva Nejati, (University of Toronto)
Non-academic participants: 

Bell Canada University Labs,  IBM Canada for Advanced Studies

Funding period: 
April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2021

Reactive Systems are formal systems that cause events in the physical world, in reaction to a set of monitored inputs. Examples include control systems for aircraft, medical devices, industrial processes, and consumer appliances. In many of these examples, safety (and often security) of the system is of paramount importance. To say anything at all about whether such a system is safe or secure, one has to be able to predict its behavior under the conditions that the system may encounter in use.