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Original Research Projects


  • Semi-conductor materials are essential for today’s fast growing electronic and computer industries. Crystal growth is a key stage in the manufacturing process of semi-conductor wafers. There is a constant market pressure to increase the size and quality of both crystals and wafers in order to put more semi-conductor devices on a single wafer. The main objective of this project is to develop mathematical models and computational tools to gain insight into the different sub-processes involved in crystal growth. This project completed in March 2003.

  • This project was aimed at exploring novel circuit architectures and information processing using arrays of quantum dot based devices. Computing, communications, and the internet-based information processing applications are placing ever-increasing demands on current types of electronic devices and information-processing architectures. The project developed a mathematical understanding of the processes leading to the formation of arrays of self-assembled quantum dots, the interactions between these quantum dots, and developing models for storage and processing of information based on these many body interactions. This project completed in June 2002.